Capital Region Parrot Society 

We are for the birds!     

*Note* Our mission is to find healthy and nurturing homes for parrot companions. We don't do same day adoptions, ship birds, and home visits are a must to ensure a suitable home. We do our best to set up adoptions for success and aren't first come first serve. Our adoption process typically goes as followed:

1) Adopter fills out and submits adoption application.

2) A representative of the Capital Region Parrot Society, usually the adoption coordinator, reviews the application.

3) You will then be contacted by a Capital Region Parrot Society Representative.

4) A home visit will be arranged. This is a time were we educate the parront to be, make suggestions to create a safe environment, and do our best to thoroughly educate and answer any questions you may have. 

5) If all goes well visits to the parrot companion will be arranged.

6) Adoption and future guidance. We will be here for you if you need us for anything. If for whatever reason you are unable to provide care for the adopted parrot companion. You are obligated to return him or her to the Capital Region Parrot Society as per the adoption contract. 

Capital Region Parrot Society, Inc.

Adoption Program Application

Prior to completing this application, please be advised that:

It is the goal of the Capital Region Parrot Society to provide loving and lasting homes for rescued, abandoned, and abused birds.  We also work to provide homes for birds whose owners (for whatever reason) can no longer care for them.

When birds are placed with new owners via the CRPS, it is with the understanding that under no circumstances are the birds to be bred, sold or given away.  Should extenuating circumstances occur whereby the new owner cannot keep the bird that bird becomes the property of the CRPS and must be returned to us for re-adoption.

Please consider joining our organization if you are interested in adoption. Dues are $20.00 per year. CRPS provides informative newsletters, free meetings and special events.  Your fee is used for education and feeding birds we have in fosterage awaiting adoption.

I understand and agree to the above stipulations:  Signature: _________________________ Date: __________ 


Name of applicant: ______________________________________________________

Street address: ___________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: __________________________________________________________

Home phone: ____________________________________________________________

Work/cell phone: _________________________________________________________

E-mail: _________________________________________________________________

Please provide answers to all of the following information: 

1. Do you presently have any birds? If so, what kind and how many?______________________


2. If you do not have birds presently, did you ever own birds before?______________________ 

3. Who is your avian veterinarian?__________________________________________________ 

4. If you do not have an avian veterinarian do you own other pets whose vet would be willing to provide a reference? If so, please provide name:_______________________________________ 

5. Would you be willing to use an avian veterinarian on our club list? ____________________

6. If you’ve never owned a bird before, are you willing to accept free training from a club officer? Y / N  

7. If you already own birds, what type of diet do you provide for them? ___________________

8. Does anyone in your household smoke? If so, would all smokers be willing to smoke outside? (Smoke is very deadly to your bird's lungs - even secondhand smoke on your hands and clothes.) ___________________________________________________

9. Does anyone in your home suffer from allergies to feathers, dander or bird food components?_________

10. What other pets do you have in your home?________________________________________ 

11. Other than yourself, who lives in your home?______________________________________

12. Do you live in an apartment or a private home?_____________________________________ 

13. Are you willing to purchase an appropriate size cage for the bird if the bird’s current cage is too small or is too rusty to continue to house the bird? (see cage size requirements below) _______________

14. Will you be able to provide new toys and perches on a regular basis?_____________

15. Would you be interested in rehabilitating a problem bird, such as a screamer or biter? __________

16.  What size bird are you interested in adopting?  Small /  Medium / Large   Are you interested in a particularly type of bird only? ___________________________ / No preference

17. Do you work full-time/part-time? ________ Who is your employer?________________

18. Are you willing to give up burning candles and using non-stick coated pans? (Both of these have been well-documented to cause respiratory failure in pet birds within moments) __________________

19. Are you willing to allow a representative of CRPS conduct a home visit prior to placement?      Y       N

Please return this form by mail or email to: 


PO Box 2433

Malta, NY 12020